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In 1961 Vic Meyer and Glen Baumbach started an Engineering Firm from the ground up, called Meyer & Baumbach, Civil Engineers. After establishing a reputation for outstanding design work with Lodi's subdivisions, commercial development, roadways and underground utilities, Meyer & Baumbach felt it was time to expand the company. In 1972 Terry Piazza became a part of this dynamic team creating Meyer, Baumbach & Piazza.

As they continued to thrive in the Central Valley, an opportunity arose once again to expand the enterprise with a full time surveying department.  Rich Thomas joined the team with that purpose in mind.  Vic Meyer retired shortly thereafter, confident that Rich would uphold the same high quality standards that had become synonymous with the Meyer, Baumbach & Piazza name.

In 1972 the decision was made to incorporate the company, forever keeping Baumbach & Piazza quality synonymous with their name. The company continued to grow and flourish creating the opportunity for another engineer to join the team. In 1990 Steven E. Pechin, with a wealth of knowledge and high standards, became a part of the company.  More recently, Glen Baumbach retired, leaving room for Joshua C. Elson to join the team, bringing with him the era of digital design.  As the company continues to grow, a staff of highly efficient and detail oriented engineers and technicians have been hired, insuring clients will receive outstanding results on their projects from residential / commercial design to simply locating property corners.

Over the past forty-five years, Baumbach & Piazza, Inc. has been a prominent figure in the design and development throughout the City of  Lodi and beyond. We continue to be a leading engineer in commercial improvements, underground utilities, and roadway design.